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Packman,бойлеры,паровае котлы,оборудование

Packman,бойлеры,паровае котлы,оборудование
Packman,бойлеры,паровае котлы,оборудование
Packman Co. бойлеры,паровае котлы,оборудование
About Us, о компании


The Packman Company was established in February of 1975. In that year it was also registered in Tehran’s Registration Department.

Packman’s construction and services company was active in building construction and its services in the early years of its formation.

In 1976 in cooperation with (Brown Boveri and Asseck) companies some power plant mega projects was set up by the company.

The company started its official activity in the filed of construction of High-Pressure Vessels such as Hot-Water Boilers , Steam Boilers , Pool Coil Tanks , Softeners and Heat Exchangers from 1984.

Packman Company was one of the first companies which supplied its customers with hot- water boilers which had the quality and standard mark.

Packman has exported its products to countries such as Uzbekistan, United Arab Emirates and other countries in the region. It is one of the largest producers of hot-water and steam boilers in the Middle East.

Packman Company has got its degree from the Budget and Planning Organization in construction and services in the membership of some important associations such as:

  1. Construction Services Industry Association

  2. Industry Association

  3. Construction Companies’ Syndicate

  4. Technical Department of Tehran University’s Graduates Association

  5. Mechanical Engineering Association

  6. Engineering Standard Association

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